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Twin room
Hotel interior
+36 1 413 2555
H-1072 Budapest VII
Nyár utca 6.
  • 24 hours reception
  • Private bathroom
  • Breakfast available
  • Bed sheets included
  • bar
  • no closed
  • safe
  • Luggage room
  • no smoking
  • lift
  • Wi-Fi
  • washing machine
  • lockers
  • Bicycle storage
  • hair dryer
  • Public telephone
  • Soft Drink machine
  • iron
  • towels for hire
  • parking near hostel
  • Pet-friendly

Welcome to Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel, located in the center of Budapest with very good public transport facilities, day and night. This building was built to be a hostel: open 24-hours, 365 days a year you will always find someone at the reception to be there for you!

Hostel does not only mean a place to stay but to meet others, share experiences, stories, to have fun and adventure! Forget apartment “hostels” where you just cannot find the HOSTEL FEELING! With a little Hungarian touch, staying with us, you will feel in Budapest, not in an Africa or Asia or in a place that could be anywhere in the world.

Marco Polo Top Ho(s)tel is not only located right in the center of Budapest (near the Blaha Lujza tér) but also in the middle of the bar district of the city, nowadays world famous for its ruin pubs, pubs and restaurants!


from Keleti pályaudvar / Eastern railway station

Take Metro 2 (red line) direction “Déli pályaudvar” and go to station “Blaha Lujza tér” (1 stop). Exit the metro onto Rákóczi út (direction Burger King) and walk as you were going to the Burger King. Pass it, and keep going ahead. Take the 3rd street called “Nyár utca” on the right. The hostel is directly ahead.

It takes around: 8 minutes

from Nyugati pályaudvar / Western railway station

Leave the station and cross the main road to get to the tram station (to the one which is going to the left – when you come out from the train station). Take either tram number 4 or 6. You will have to get off at “Blaha Lujza tér”, the 4th stop. Look for the Burger King – it will be on the other side of the big square (no, not the Mc Donald’s, the Burger King! ). Pass the fast food restaurant on Rákóczi út, and keep going ahead. Take the 3rd street called “Nyár utca” on the right. The hostel is directly ahead.

It takes around: 8 minutes

from Déli pályaudvar / Southern railway station

Go to the metro line 2 (red line). Take the metro direction Örs Vezér and go to station “Blaha Lujza tér” (6th stop). Exit the metro onto Rákóczi út (direction Burger King) and walk as you were going to the Burger King. Pass it, and keep going ahead. Take the 3rd street called “Nyár utca” on the right. The hostel is directly ahead.

It takes around: 10 minutes

from the Liszt Ferenc Nemzetközi Repülőtér / Liszt Ferenc Airport

Take the bus nr.200 or 200E to Kőbánya-Kispest. From here you need to catch the Metro, you get off at “Ferenciek tere”. Exit the metro to the left and take the bus 7, 5 or 173 (away from the river) to „Urania”. Walk on to the crosswalk and turn down Nyár utca. The hostel is directly ahead on the left.

It takes around: 50 minutes

We also can organize airport shuttle service, if needed. Please, contact us by e-mail!

Coming by car?

GPS Coordinates
  • Secure parking houses near to the hostel. During the day from 08:00 – 20:00 you need to pay for the parking on the street.
  • Parking is FREE from 20:00 – 08:00 at night, during the weekends and on the public holidays.

Ruin Pubs

Budapest’s seventh district has emerged as one of the best bar-hopping neighborhoods on the busy Pest side of the Danube. Places – called ruin pubs - were opened one after the other in tenement houses and factory buildings doomed to destruction. These pubs were equipped with rejected furniture of old community centers, cinemas, and grandmothers’ flats, bringing a retro feeling into these places. Theses Ruinpubs can be not only places to drink and have a party but also function as cultural community areas with film clubs, theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, and creative workshops, too. Every place has a unique style and atmosphere: socialist beer-garden feeling from the 80’s or a labyrinth of the tenement house or …

Marco Polo is the best choice to explore theses ruin pubs easy!

ruin pubs map
Top reasons

Top reasons to stay at the Marco Polo Top Hostel
  • “I want to be in downtown Budapest, somewhere I can explore on foot, but in safety.”
  • “I'd like to stay in a place where I can meet other backpacker travelers, like me.”
  • “I would book on-line but need direct contact as well with prompt reply”
  • “I need recommendation & information about the city, programs, special offers,exchange rate, weather etc....”
  • “We are a group and would like to book ahead for programs like paintball, shooting, caving and private party facilities organized specially for our group! Marco Polo does all that for us free of charge!”

Budapest is a great city to explore. To help you get started we’ve put together a tour for you. All you’ll need is a comfortable pair of walking shoes, a 1-day travel cared and a camera to record the wonderful sights you will see.

Our first stop is Deák tér (tér means square) which is a great meeting place in the heart of the transport system where the 3 metro lines meet. From here, we visit anywhere.

For example, to the North, the inspiring St. Stephen’s Basilica and chic Andrassy avenue are a stone’s throw away, to the South, the Synagogue. But on this trip, we’re going to resist these temptations and take tram 47 or 49 to go to Gellért tér, Buda side of the Szabadság bridge.

Gellért Hill

Step off the tram opposite the Art Nouveau Gellért Hotel behind which you’ll see the hill. Convenient lanes lead up and around the hill to the summit. You can also take a bus 27 from Villányi road to the top of the hill, though you will mess a nice walk and some gorgeous sights of Pest through the trees. On your way up, you’ll pass the Gellért Monument, an 11m high bronze statue erected in memory to an 11th Century Benedictine Abbot who was rolled down the hill in a barrel by pagans for his beliefs. Standing tall on the top of the hill is the striking Liberation Monument – nicknamed „God’s crown-cork bottle opener” due to its special shape by the locals. Take some time to wander round the Citadel – a fortress built by the Austrians in the 19th century before wandering back down the hill towards the Gellért Hotel through the trees. From Gellért tér take tram 19 to Clark Ádám tér.

Chain Bridge

The oldest and most magnificent bridge in Budapest, especially by night when it is floodlit. Anglophiles will note a resemblance to the Hammersmith Bridge in London, which was designed by the same English engineer, William Tierney Clark. But the man who took the blue prints and made the first bridge in Budapest a reality was another Clark, the Scottish engineer Adam Clark. Clark was so taken with Hungary he stayed here as a naturalized Hungarian until his death. The Hungarian’s, for their part, named the square on the Buda side of the bridge after the great Scot. On Clark Ádám tér runs the funicular railway, which gives you a short but breathtaking ride up to the Castle District.

The Castle District

The original castle built in the 13th century lies deep under the Royal Palace. The remains can be seen in the lower floors of the Budapest History Museum which shares the former palace of Queen Maria Teresa with the Hungarian National Gallery. Taking a walk in the Castle District offers you a snapshot of how Buda must have looked around the 18th century. Be sure not to miss Szentháromság tér, with one of the most magnificent churches in Hungary, the Matthias Church. Right on the other side of the square lies the Fishermen’s Bastion offering a great view over the Danube and the Parliament. This district has it’s own bus line, the Várbusz ( castle bus). It takes you down to Moszkva tér. From there, take the subway 2 (M2, the red line) to Kossuth tér.


Home to Hungary’s Parliament, this splendid building can only be visited by guided tours in different languages. It’s well worth the visit. After the tour, head south along the Pest bank of the Danube which offers a shady promenade with coffee houses on the way. If you are feeling tired of walking, no problem, trams 2 and 2A go the same way. Get off on Március 15. tér, on the east side of Erzsébet bridge. Walk about 100 meters away from the bridge, and you’ll find Váci street on you left.

Váci street

This is Budapest’s traditional shopping promenade, the place to be for true shopaholics. This buzzing pedestrianized street links to the beautiful Vörösmarty tér, the favourite hangout of street musicians and artists. Along the way you can browse some smart shops bearing all the famous names, take a look at some of Budapest’s most beautifully renovated architecture or just sit in one of the elegant coffee houses soaking in the atmosphere. At Vörösmarty tér, take the chance to ride on the Millennium Underground (M1, the yellow line) to Heroes’ square.

Heroes’ square

Marking the end of Andrássy Avenue, the Millennary Monument dominates the square. From here is it the short walk to the Budapest Zoo, the Pleasure Park and the City Park, which is the largest park in Budapest.

Money exchange
  • - exchanging cash at the arrival location (airport, railway station) is usually more expensive in most countries
  • - railway stations are some of the most expensive places to exchange money in Budapest
  • - be aware of the official exchange rate of the Hungarian Forint (HUF)
  • - NEVER exchange money on the street

  • - be careful when you arrive at the Keleti or Nyugati railway stations. Call a taxi in advance to meet you at your arrival while still on the train
  • - during your stay, it is always safer and cheaper to call for a taxi of one of the reputable local companies than to get into one random off the street (known locally as „Hyena” taxis). The safer way to order a taxi to ask the hostel receptionist to order a taxi for you
  • - some taxi drivers may recommend certain bars, clubs or restaurants – they receive a commission for doing so. If a driver offers to take you to one, please ignore any such advice. Please ask for a recommendation from the receptionist at your hostel

Public transport
  • - validate your ticket before starting your journey and keep your ticket until the end of your travel
  • - you have to validate a new ticket every time you change lines except on direct metro to metro transfer
  • - Tourists in Budapest are often confused by the ticket system and are targeted and fined by ticket controllers. The controllers do not have the right to detain you, but they usually accompanied by security officials who have the right to ask for identification and to detain you until the police arrive
  • - once you have left the bus, tram, trolley or the metro area, you cannot be held liable

Making ’friends’
  • - take sensible precaution when making „new friends” especially in small bars
  • - some visitors are targeted under false pretenses. These scams of friendship are built on a false sense of security, resulting in missing wallets, passports and possibly robbed hotel room after a night of drink
  • - or your new – and mostly beautiful – friends takes you to a place where you will be charged exorbitant prices

Restaurants, bars, clubs
  • - near some large hotels in the district V, you may be charged exorbitant prices in certain bars, clubs or restaurants
  • - you should avoid all establishments where menus do not properly display prices
  • - even when prices appear, if you have any doubts about the bar, restaurant or club – do NOT go in

False police officers
  • - in a foreign country, it is practically impossible to validate who is and who is not a police officer
  • - you should know that police officers are NOT allowed to collect cash as a fine in Hungary
  • - you should know that police officers are NOT allowed to check how much money you have on you

Smoke responsibility
  • - smoking is prohibited in Hungary in common and enclosed public areas, bars, restaurants and clubs
  • - take special care of your valuables when leaving for a „smoke-break”

Festivals belong to Budapest like the Parliament or the Goulash Soup. Budapest offers all year round entertainment in the form of festivals, cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, sporting events, and national celebrations. Starting from the well known Sziget Festival over the very popular Wine Festival to the Mangalica Festival you can find a festival for nearly everything.

Budapest is also called “Festival City” and Hungarians also love to enjoy their free days on festivals: listen to music from national and international musicians, eat and drink local specialties and simply to enjoy time with others.

We would like to offer you some program, which will make your stay a memorable holiday in Hungary!

winter summer Hop on & Hop off bus + Cruise

See every spectacular buildings and statues in the city within only 2 days! Take the Hop on-Hop off bus with a live english guide (it’s also available in 23 other languages). The ticket is valid for 48 hours, and includes a Danube cruise! You can also visit the city by night.

winter summer Thermal Baths

Visiting Budapest could not be complete without bathing in one of our world-famous thermal springs. We offer entrance tickets for the two most elegant thermal baths: Széchenyi and Gellért Bath. By booking your tickets in advance, you can avoid the queue in front of the bath. Would you like to have a party in a thermal bath? During summer time every Saturday night you have the opportunity to enjoy thermal-water spa parties, special dj-sets in the Lukács bath.

winter summerPub Crawl

Pub Crawl Budapest
Discover Budapest’s night life: one night, 5 different bars, clubs and party places; visiting Budapest’s famous ruin bars; free shots, welcome drinks, bar games, special offers; ending up in a popular local club.

winter summerCaving under budapest

Come to climb and crawl with us in the labyrinth of a cave in Budapest (not open for public). It is a real multi-level labyrinth-system with most of its chambers reaching under the elegant residential districts of city! Join our 2,5-3 hours long tour, which are guided by qualified cavers!

winter summerHungarian restaurants

Enjoy a tipical Hungarian lunch or dinner at Bajor Sarok! It’s 5 minutes walk from the hostel, and you are welcome to drink a tipical Hungarian shot, called ‘unicum’ (for free!). Don’t miss it ;)

winter summerDinner &Cruise with live music

Budapest calms down a little bit at nights, lights are lit up, and a new city comes out from the twilight. Enjoy the wonderful view in a romantic candlelight atmosphere, and have a delicious dinner on a boat with live music.

summer Folklore show

The hungarian folklore is known worldwide. You have the opportunity to watch a performance which based on authentic dances, consists of 30 artists in traditional costume.

summer Danube Symphony Orchestra

If you like classical music, you will like the organ concert or the concert of the Danube Symphony Orchestra.

Please feel free to ask the reception, we will help you 0/24!

Please/Thank you! Kayrehm/Kuh-suh-nuhm Kérem/Köszönöm
Yes/No Ee-ghen/Nehm Igen/Nem
Hi! See-ya! Szia!
How are you? Hodge vahj? Hogy vagy?
Good morning! Yo rehg-gehlt! Jó reggelt!
Good afternoon! Yo nah-poht! Jó napot!
Good evening! Yo esh-tate! Jó estét!
Good night! Yo az-sah-kat! Jó éjszakát!
Goodbye! Vee-sohnt-la-tash-rah! Viszontlátásra!
Sorry! Shoy-na-lohm! Sajnálom!
Cheers! Eh-gais-shay-gehd-reh! Egészségedre!